Sirje Aleksandra Viise,
Stimme | Performance


Olga Neuwirth

for solo voice and fixed media

Vinko Globokar

Jenseits der Sicherheit
for solo voice

Timo Kreuser

Homework No.1: kitchen
for solo voice, copycat, video, live electronic  UA

John Cage

Aria with Fontana Mix
for solo voice and tape

Simon Steen-Andersen

Difficulties Putting it Into Practice
new version for performer and prerecorded video (virtual duo) UA

Alexander Schubert

Your Fox’s, A Dirty Gold
for solo voice, motion sensors, e-guitar and live electronics

DIRTYPOPFOXSLUT is a performance, a concert, is rock, pop, punk!
Vixen, whore, virgin, goddess, boy… Who is the singer and who is the product? She is
whoever you need her to be.
I will start off with confrontation.
I will track the alleged power of woman from the mental to the corporeal.
I will become your object of desire.
I will pull the strings with just a gesture to make all the world revolve around me.
I will haunt you. I will stalk you.
I will be your worst nightmare.
I will deliver what you didn’t ask for.

seit 1989
Dienstag, 27. September, 20:30 Uhr ...
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